• The first knowledge-based companies in the field of water treatment in Iran
  • Designer and manufacturer of carbon filters, polymer and mineral
  • Performance Test Center and Health Drinking Water Filters


Company Gowarab makers plain green, which generally structure their activity in the industrial water treatment, with all specialties and components of covering the industry, the projection has the vision, goals and ways to achieve to them and all of its activities from procurement of raw materials to produce finished products and documentation to run multiple processes and organizational provision and training of human resources to selected indicators external sources such as branches and representatives of the sales and after-sales service and outsourcing activities such as intermediate products, installers and logistic factors, the approach The following codes are a non-negligible role of values ​​and strict adherence to:


Green Plains Gowarab makers in the company, responsible for such documentation, training and monitoring have been that internal processes and processes related to customer responsiveness as a strategic approach in order to improve the effectiveness of work defined


Company Gowarab makers plain green approach to its value, having customers not only to essential services related to their products, such as accountability and effective guarantee of authenticity recognized organization has also increased the knowledge of the water industry, particularly in the field of drinking water standards as well as what consumers need for this vital decision-making are among the services he knows.

Research and development

The company in line with the progress of science and industry all on its own to identify what qualities most urgent need is to read the bio consumers; The scoping study of R & D results into industrial designs is applicable. Consumers value products such Brkhvrdaznd the share of sales spent on research, design and construction requirements for water quality improvement is consumed by them.


Quality as one of the most original and powerful organizational processes of the company, decision-making work, monitoring and control tools permanent, corrective actions and continuous improvement in all stages before, during and after the production.


By the end of 2020, offering products and services with competitive advantage, especially in a country and the breadth of the territorial presence outside the country's borders and become a company leader and global industrial water treatment, we as the company's brand in regional markets attention be.

Service Image

about dram

Green Plains makers Gowarab company has exploitation license number ... of Industry, Mine and Trade, Charcoal filters with industrial Name (Brand) treatment offers. The products under this brand have been produced so far all have proprietary code Iran Iran among the goods listed in the code. So Any copying, production and distribution of industrial enterprises by natural or legal persons with ID is illegal and liable to prosecution.


On the horizon of this document by the end of 2020, Gowarab mission is as follows:

In this regard, the company has continued to monitor updated technologies and production processes and products and develop and improve products and localization machinery manufacturing mechanized approach to production and increase production efficiency as a priority as well.


We attempt to address all be Gowarab companies in the global competition to be successful. Global Horizons consider participating in this mission are: the Iran, North Africa, the Middle East and Europe

Products or Services

Types of carbon filters, filters Fibers, production of activated carbon, producing all kinds of water purification systems, laboratory services, consulting engineering, products with high quality in terms of performance characteristics, health and safety and appearance according to the Water District using raw materials appropriate to the health of drinking water.


We believe that first of all the present and future needs of our customers and the public health nationally and globally responsible and accountable to customers for their products and services known and respected customers and confided them to the top of his career the know and to create customer loyalty through sustainable value for them.

According to the staff

Educate, motivate, maintenance staff regarding ethics and commitment to the organization has distinctive features are the creation of a suitable work environment, compensation based on the performance of growth and job security for employees;Create a sense of belonging to the organization and feel proud to work in the company.

Premium Features

The scientific and technical knowledge and creative ability and constructive management commitment to quality products and customer issues to keep away from competitors; the ability to produce different products;


be strengthened participation of artisan spirit, idea, marketing, according to the places where people can acquire knowledge and production experience, learn and spend time with winsome.

Due to the survival, growth and profitability

In other words, the company's profit expectancy fair, tries so that the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and society is fulfilled.



Customer questions and answers

How can we determine the right time to replace the carbon filters?

Suffice it to consumers dermal filters through one way communication to become a member of our club. In this case, the experts remind us a variety of services including calculation of lifetime and will provide replacement filters.

What is the guarantee of product quality?

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What elements of your product quality?

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Warranty Conditions product?

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